How to Delete a product

Deleting a product will remove the selected product from your product catalog permanently and cannot be restored. This is recommended when you will not be selling a product again in future and no longer require it within your catalog.

If you wish to temporarily remove a product from being able to be sold in your store, we recommend deactivating the product instead. To learn more, refer to our How to Deactivate a product guide.

To delete a product, follow the below steps:

Navigate to Catalog -> Products and locate the product you wish to delete, using the filters if necessary.


Click on the product to expand, then click Delete.


A warning prompt will open to inform that you're about to permanently delete the product. To continue deleting the product, click Delete Product


The product will now be deleted.

We are unable to delete product

If the product was not able to be deleted, this may be because the product is part of:

  • Open/sent Stock Order and Stock Transfer
  • Open Stock Return
  • An open or in progress Inventory Count
  • Parked, open Layby or On-account sale
  • Any composite product as a component

A prompt will detail what is preventing the product from being deleted. You will need to complete, cancel or remove the product from the listed inventory movements before deleting the product.


Once you have done this, click Try Again and Delete Product.

Processing a sale with a deleted product.

In some situations, a product may be accidentally deleted when a sale including the same product is being made. Vend allows the deleted product to be sold. However, a notification appears under the deleted product on the Sell Screen. Therefore, if the sale is still in progress and payment has not yet been taken, you can inform your customer that the product was deleted, and offer alternatives, particularly if you don't carry inventory of the product.

Processing returns including a deleted product.

A sale with a deleted product can be returned, and you can process the return following the usual steps. For more information on how to process a return, refer to our Returning a Sale in Vend guide.

Unlike a normal return, however, you will be notified on the Sell Screen that the product was deleted.

Once you have processed the return, you will need to decide how to deal with the returned product, as it has been deleted.

We recommend adding the product back into your store if you intend to resell the product, to ensure that your inventory levels in store are accurate. For more information on how to add products into your store, refer to our How to add products into Vend guide.

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