CardConnect terminal not connecting or losing connectivity


The terminal may say "Unbolted" meaning there is no network connection.

There may also be problems with Vend sending the payment to the terminal or receiving the approved/declined response back from the terminal once the customer card has been processed.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • CardConnect terminal


The terminal is having issues connecting to the internet. The steps below can be tried in order until resolved.


1. Run a speed test to check the strength of the internet connection.

2. Reboot payment terminal

3. If the terminal is connected with an ethernet cable, plug the terminal directly into the internet router. This bypasses any internal network switches or hubs

4. Replace the Ethernet cable

5. Reboot internet router

Additional Information 

If the terminal is connected directly to the router and the issue remains after replacing the ethernet cable and rebooting the router, reach out to your Internet Service Provider so they can inspect your internet connection and diagnose further. 

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