What to do when your Vend account payment fails


To resolve a failed payment for your Vend subscription errors when paying for your Vend plan.


  • Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Ensure the card on file has not expired. You can check which card Vend has on file under Setup > Billing
  2. Ensure it is not an old or cancelled card
  3. Ensure that the card number has been entered correctly
  4. Check with your bank to see if your credit card is authorised for an international transaction (specifically for VENDHQ.COM.) if you are located outside of USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada
  5. Ensure online transactions are authorised for the credit card
  6. Ensure there are sufficient funds on the card to make payment
  7. Confirm and update your card details in Vend under Setup > Billing
  8. If the transaction is unsuccessful, reach out to Vend Support

Additional Information

Vend will automatically try to retake your payment when you update your card details

Paying for your Vend Plan FAQ


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