Linking existing Vend and BigCommerce products


Often, when linking your Vend account with your BigCommerce store, you will already have existing products in both Vend and BigCommerce. If this is the case, you should link these products together so that stock changes are synced between Vend and BigCommerce. Below are the three most common scenarios you may encounter when linking your Vend and BigCommerce products.

What product info syncs with BigCommerce?


  • Once your Vend and BigCommerce accounts are connected, Vend becomes the system of record.
  • You should manage your product catalogue, pricing and inventory information in Vend to ensure everything stays accurate and up-to-date.
  • BigCommerce feeds important information back to Vend such as online sales, new customer or existing customer information associated with a sale, and inventory from a sale to keep stock levels in sync.
  • Please click the following link for more on how to use the BigCommerce integration!

Scenario 1: Common products in Vend and BigCommerce with matching SKUs

If you have common products in Vend and BigCommerce, pulling the products from BigCommerce will link them to the same products in Vend based on the exact match of SKUs. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Setup -> Apps -> BigCommerce Settings.

2. Once here click Import All Products.

3. All of your BigCommerce products will be linked with Vend and any products with matching SKU will be linked together going forward. If you are using Barcodes in BigCommerce, you will need to transfer these to the Variant SKU field within BigCommerce before you pull them into Vend. This is to ensure that the products will match with an existing Vend product.


Selecting Import All Products will pull all the information from BigCommerce and overwrite what is currently in Vend. Please make sure all the relevant information is in BigCommerce before you initiate the pull into Vend. You could also take backups of your current Vend products by following the steps below:

1. Export your product list to a CSV file. You will have a copy of your current inventory levels in Vend.

2. Link your BigCommerce products with Vend. You can confirm this once every product in Vend displays the View on BigCommerce banner. Whatever inventory level is showing for a product in BigCommerce will now show in Vend as well.

3. Import the product CSV file back into Vend to bring back the inventory levels from before linking.

Scenario 2: Products in both Vend and BigCommerce, and none of them are common but want to link on both platforms

Sometimes you may have a set of products in Vend and a different set in BigCommerce. If you’d like to combine the two, so both Vend and BigCommerce have all of the same Products, follow the steps below:

1. First, bring the BigCommerce products into Vend by clicking navigating to Setup -> Apps -> BigCommerce Settings.

2. Click on Import All Products.


Any images attached to products in BigCommerce will come into Vend. However, any additional image added in Vend or BigCommerce will not sync.

3. Publish the Vend products to BigCommerce by going to the same BigCommerce settings page in Vend but this time, click Publish All Products.

By doing this, all active products in Vend will be published to your BigCommerce store.

Important: We only send all the images when you first publish the product to BigCommerce or import into Vend. Any additional images need to be directly managed on BigCommerce. If you wish to show multiple images, such as images for the variant products, then you’ll need to upload these separately.

Scenario 3: Products in Vend and BigCommerce, most are common, but SKU's do not match

Sometimes you may have the same products in Vend and BigCommerce, but the SKU’s for these products may not match up perfectly between Vend and BigCommerce. To fix this:

1. Make sure that the common products in Vend and BigCommerce have the same SKU's.

2. If any common products in Vend and BigCommerce do not have matching SKU's then edit the SKU for these products in either BigCommerce or Vend.


Before going ahead with this change it is important to note the implications of changing SKUs in Vend or BigCommerce:

Changing the SKUs in Vend -> If you use barcodes in store then you’d have to print the barcode again for the new SKUs.

Please check with BigCommerce Support regarding the implications of changing the SKU's.

3. Once you have the SKU's matching for every product then head over to the BigCommerce Settings page in Vend and click Import All Products. This way Vend will look for the SKU's for the BigCommerce products and link them together.

4. It is important that you Import All Products when you are first linking BigCommerce with Vend. Once you’ve done this, all future products should be created in Vend, as Vend will be the system of record for all inventory and product management going forward.

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