How to add a new outlet

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Add a new outlet for your Vend store 


  • Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Outlets and Registers
  3. Click Add Outlet 
  4. Fill out all outlet information fields
  5. A prompt will appear to advise you of any billing changes before you add the outlet 

Additional Information


Outlet name - The name of your new outlet

Order number prefix - This is the starting characters of the outlet's stock order

Order number - The numerical sequence of the outlet's stock order

Supplier return Prefix - This is to starting characters of the return order to the supplier

Supplier return number -The numerical sequence of the return order to the supplier

Negative Inventory

Physical Address and Contact Details

Street  - The number and name of your outlet's street

Suburb - The suburb name of your outlet

City -The City location of your store 

Postcode - Postcode of your outlet's address

State - State of your store's location

Country - Country of your outlet's location

Timezone - Timezone of your outlet's location

Email - Outlet's email address

Phone - Outlet's phone contact number

Twitter - Store's twitter handle

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