Why is inventory not syncing from Vend to Shopify?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration 


There are a number of reasons why the inventory won't sync to Shopify:

  • A published product was directly deleted and recreated on Shopify - This breaks the link between Vend and Shopify for the specific product.
  • Edit and save doesn't trigger an update if there is no change made to the product. Adding space in the description should trigger an update.
  • Rate limiting - The Shopify account can hit a rate limit due to the full inventory count, receiving a large stock order or bulk editing thousands of product via CSV in Vend.
  • Shopify server not honoring the request received from Vend. For example, editing and saving a product in Vend not updating the inventory on Shopify. In this case, Vend will attempt to sync the inventory after 2 hours. If it takes more than a few hours to update, please contact us.

Additional Information

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