Why is inventory not syncing from Vend to Shopify?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration 


There are a number of reasons why the inventory won't sync to Shopify:

  • The product has been edited on Shopify, this will break the link between Vend and Shopify which will stop all product updates
  • A published product was directly deleted and recreated on Shopify. This breaks the link between Vend and Shopify for the specific product
  • Rate limiting - The Shopify account can hit a rate limit due to the full inventory count, receiving a large stock order or bulk editing thousands of product via CSV in Vend.

How to resolve products that have been edited on Shopify: 

  • Spot check the products on Vend and Shopify, if there are additional edits to the product on Shopify this can mean edits were made directly on Shopify which breaks the link to Vend

To resolve:

  1. Unpublish the product in Vend
  2. Delete off of Shopify 
  3. Publish the product to Shopify
    • This will restore the product connection
      • Please note, actioning these steps will result in lost variant level images and SEO. It is recommended to take a backup before actioning.

How to ensure large inventory updates sync from Vend to Shopify:

  • If you have recently made an update to a large grouping of products please allow up to 2 hours in order to see updates sync to Shopify as the request may have encountered an account wide rate limit

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