What outbound Firewall rules do I need to configure in order to allow Vend to work?


  • Vend for Mac/PC or iPad
  • Router and/or Server


Vend requires outbound HTTPS connections to the internet on port 443. While the majority of connections will be to vendhq.com, there are a number of third-party providers that help deliver your vend store. For example, paypal.com a payment provider, fastly.net a content delivery network or intercom.io for notifications and support. These third party providers may change over time, so for best results, we recommend internet access on port 443. 

Additional Information

This isn't a mandatory set up for using Vend as by default, port 443 could be open on the network device. It is rather a security precaution which sometimes is preferred by a few of our customers who like to control the traffic flowing in and out on their network and close any unnecessary ports.

We recommend getting in touch with your IT Team or an IT service provider if this is something you are interested in implementing on your local network.