How to refund an Afterpay sale


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad 
  • Afterpay


  1. Click Sell

  2. Click Sales History

  3. Click Process Returns

  4. Find the Afterpay sale you want to refund

  5. Select the Afterpay sale and choose Return.

  6. This will open the sale on the Sell Screen

  7. Click Return

  8. Click Afterpay

Additional Information 

  • This will process 100% of the amount paid to you by Afterpay and return the item to stock.
  • Now when a sale is processed via Afterpay, the sale will be restricted to be refunded only using the Afterpay payment enabled. This will disable any other payments to refund an Afterpay sale. - This is only available on the Vend app version 3.1.4



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