How to refer a friend to Vend

With our Refer a Friend program, you can spread the good word about Vend to a friend as a referral and if your referral signs up for a new paid Vend plan, both of you will be rewarded with credit applied to each of your Vend accounts. The amount credited is based on your billing currency and is awarded as follows:

$250 $250 $250 £125 $250 R2500 $250 USD$250


Credit will only be applied to the existing Vend customer's account once their referral has made payment. In most cases this may take at least one month from when their referral activated their account. The time it takes is based on the pricing plan the referral has selected. If you have any questions about this please contact our Team who will be able to help you.

How do I refer a friend

To refer a friend, follow the steps below:


The program is for new Vend customers only, merchants with multiple Vend accounts will not qualify for the credits. You will need to be on a Version 3 pricing plan or higher to refer a friend (Check your Vend invoice to see which plan you’re on). There is no limit to the number of new customer referrals you make.

1. In Vend, head to Setup > Billing.

2. Scroll to the Refer a Friend section.

3. Select Refer a Friend. This will take you to the Refer a Friend page.

4. On the Refer a Friend page, enter your name and the email address of the referral. Your referral will need to be new to Vend.

5. Select Send Referral Email and your referral will receive an email containing a referral code, sent by Vend on your behalf.

6. Once your referral has the referral code, they will be able to enter the referral code into the coupon field on the Billing page when they activate their paid Vend account. This will then automatically apply the credit to both accounts.


If your referral is in a different billing currency, a warning message will display stating that the referral code is invalid. If you wish to refer a friend in a different currency, please contact us and we will manually credit both your accounts.

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