Setting up your Star mC-Print (Ethernet) for iPad


Updating to iOS 14+ on iPad will prompt you to grant the Vend Register App permissions to access Bluetooth and Local Network settings on your iPad.

If declined, this will cause your printer to no longer function. To fix this, ensure that Bluetooth and Local Network Permissions are enabled in Settings -> Vend Register on your device.



  • Vend for iPad
  • Star mC-Print Printer
  • Lightning cable 


  1. Connect the printer to a power source
  2. Using a lightning cable, connect the USB end to the back of the printer and the lightning end to the iPad
  3. Turn the printer on
  4. In the Vend app navigate to the menu on the top left corner
  5. Tap Settings > Hardware
  6. Tap Add a printer
  7. Enter a name for the printer
  8. Under IP address, tap Find
  9. Select the printer model that you have
  10. Tap Save in the top right corner 

Additional Information

This Printer will also charge the iPad and can connect via LAN.


To work with an iPad, make sure that your printer has the USB ports on the back as seen below:

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