Setting up Star mC-Print printer for iPad

Latest update: - Kamy Mam


  • Vend for iPad
  • Star mC-Print Printer
  • Lightning cable 


  1. Connect the printer to a power source
  2. Using a lightning cable, connect the USB end to the back of the printer and the lightning end to the iPad
  3. Turn the printer on
  4. In the Vend app navigate to the menu on the top left corner
  5. Tap Settings > Hardware
  6. Tap Add a printer
  7. Enter a name for the printer
  8. Under IP address, tap Find
  9. Select the Star mC-Print31LB
  10. Tap Save in the top right corner 

Additional Information

This Printer will also charge the iPad and can connect via LAN.

How to obtain IP Address for Star mC-Print Printers