Setting up your Star mC-Print (Ethernet) for Mac



  • Vend on Mac
  • Star mC-Print Printer
  • Ethernet cable


  1. Connect the printer to a power source
  2. Using an ethernet cable, connect one end of the ethernet cable to the back of the printer and the other end to the router
  3. Turn the printer on
  4. Navigate to System Preferences
  5. Click Printers and Scanners 
  6. Click + on the bottom left
  7. Click IP
  8. Put the IP address in the Address field
  9. Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  10. Give the printer a name in the Name field
  11. Click on the drop menu in the Use field and select Select Software
  12. Select Star MCP31
  13. Click Ok
  14. Click Add

Additional Information

How to obtain IP address for Star mC-Print printers

To enable cash draw settings you will need to Enable CUPS.




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