Why do I get a 'Product name already exists' error when adding a capital letter to my product?

Latest update: - Nathan Payne


When trying to edit a product name to add or remove a capital letter, you received an error message  'Product name already exists'  and are unable to save the new product name.


  •  Vend for Mac or PC
  •  Vend for iPad


Vend doesn't see capitals in product names as a differentiation between products. 

To Vend 'notebook' is the same as 'Notebook' meaning it thinks you're creating a duplicate named product if you attempt to capitalise 'notebook' in the edit page.


To get past this you need to edit the product name to a different title, save and then edit again.

  1. Click or tap Products
  2. Click or tap the name of the product you'd like to edit
  3. Click or tap Edit product
  4. Rename the product to something that doesn't already exist in Vend - for example you can change the product name to be 'Rename me!'
  5. Click or tap Save
  6. Click or tap Edit product again
  7. Rename the product again, remembering to add capital letters where required