What do categories in WooCommerce correspond to in Vend?


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We no longer publish and map product type to WooCommerce categories. The reason for the change was based on the feedback we received during the initial beta phase.
The underlying issue is that Vend doesn't currently support products having multiple product types nor does it provide a hierarchical product type structure. WooCommerce supports these features and we tried our best to make the connection between these two paradigms as logical as possible by only mapping the first category into Vend. However, we found that this approach had the unintended negative consequence of ruining the category hierarchy. The last thing we want to do is to create more problems for our retailers, hence why, a decision was made to remove it completely and leave full category management to WooCommerce.
This is certainly on our radar but not in the short-term but it could change based on the number of feedback we receive. This requires a lot of thought, research, and design - not something we will rush out now but maybe something that will happen in the future. This would need to go through a full product development cycle.

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