How to handover a ticket to another office

Latest update: - Jordan Smith


To correctly handover a ticket to another office if the retailer requires a call-back or a more timely reply in a particular timezone.


  • Google Calendar
  • Slack 
  • Zendesk


Create a ticket booking on Google Calendar

  1. Add Support Ticket Bookings to your Google Calendar
  2. Create a new event by clicking Create at the top left
  3. Click More Options
  4. Select the Support Ticket Bookings from the drop down in the screenshot below
  5. Add the name of the retailer and reason for the callback in the title, e.g Call John - WooCommerce questions
  6. Ensure the booking date/time is relevant to the office timezone
  7. Add a link to the Zendesk ticket in the booking description 

Additional Information

Let the Pod Lead in the relevant office know that you have created the booking via Slack.

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