How to void gift cards using the Vend CLI tool

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  • Mac
  • Vend CLI


  1. Open the terminal
  2. Type in vendcli void-giftcards --help
  3. Vend CLI will now list the correct syntax and a download URL for the Gift Card CSV template
  4. Copy the download URL
  5. Open the URL in your web browser
  6. Click Download giftcards-template.csv
  7. In your Downloads folder, right click giftcards-template.csv
  8. Select Open With
  9. Click OpenOffice
  10. Underneath the column heading number, enter the gift card numbers you need to void
  11. Click an empty cell
  12. Click File
  13. Click Save
  14. Click and drag the file into the default save location for Vend CLI (see article below)
  15. In Vend CLI you will need to think about how you construct your command using the correct syntax
    Here is a general example:
    vendcli void-giftcards -d DOMAINPREFIX -t TOKEN -f FILENAME.csv

    Here is a specific example:
    vendcli void-giftcards -d samsamazingstore -t KiQSsELLtocySe1vOrnfI_KiPQzX9v75bu7ByoLc -f giftcards-template.csv
  16. Enter the desired domain prefix after -d
  17. Enter the personal token for the store after -t
  18. Enter the filename of the gift card CSV after -f
  19. Proofread the command to make sure nothing is missing and everything is entered precisely
  20. Press enter on your keyboard
  21. The command will now execute

Additional Information

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