Why does Vend show the original price rather than the promotion price when returning from the Sell Screen?

Latest update: - Nathan Payne


When returning a product that is part of a promotion manually via the Sell Screen  - why does Vend return the original price?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad 


If you add a product to the Sell Screen and negate the quantity or price to make it a return, Vend won't apply a promotion because you're not selling the product.

Vend doesn't know that the product was sold at a discounted price because it doesn't know info of the original sale. 

We always recommend completing returns using the correct process of finding the original sale in Sales History and returning here.

If you do this, the promotion info is recalled on the Sell Screen correctly as you can see below:

If you don't process a return via Sales History, Vend won't recall Promotion info, therefore returning the customer more than they originally paid:


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