Unable to set up iZettle 2 card reader on Vend on iPad


Unable to set up the iZettle 2 reader with Vend for iPad 


  •  Vend for iPad


With the new iZettle 2 reader came a new iZettle SDK, this was added to the Vend app in a recent update to allow the iZettle 2 reader to work with Vend.


We've now released the 3.0.6 Vend app update which includes support for the iZettle 2 reader.

To get set up follow these steps:

1. To check that you're running the latest version of the app (3.0.6) you can follow the instructions here.

2. If you need to update the app, follow the instructions here.

3. Follow the steps here to add the iZettle payment type to your account (if you haven't already) and connect your reader to the iPad.

4. You may need to tap Connect card reader in the Settings - Hardware - iZettle screen if the reader doesn't automatically display on the page.

5. You'll then be ready to take sales with your new reader! 

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