Why aren't my products syncing from Vend > WooCommerce?


Why aren't my products syncing from Vend > WooCommerce?


  • Vend for PC and Mac
  • WooCommerce Integration 


The products between Vend and WooCommerce are linked based on the matching SKU. A few things to keep in mind before setting up the integration are as follows:

  • There should not be duplicated SKUs in Vend and WooCommerce
  • The SKU on Vend and WooCommerce should match on the case sensitivity too i.e. lowercase  SKU in Vend can't be linked to the uppercase SKU on WooCommerce.
  • When linking the product with variants between Vend and WooCommerce, please make sure the number of the variants are same.
  • The attribute names like "Order and Type" will cause issues with the product publishing as these are there system reserved names. 

Additional Information

In Vend, SKUs can only have letters, numbers and ".", "-", "_" and "/" characters. Please make sure you are using the same parameters on WooCommerce too.

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