Why aren't my products syncing from Vend > WooCommerce?

Latest update: - Sumeet Singh


Why aren't my products syncing from Vend > WooCommerce?


  • Vend for PC and Mac
  • WooCommerce Integration 


The products between Vend and WooCommerce are linked based on the matching SKU. A few things to keep in mind before setting up the integration are as follows:

  • There should not be duplicated SKUs in Vend and WooCommerce
  • The SKU on Vend and WooCommerce should match on the case sensitivity too i.e. lowercase  SKU in Vend can't be linked to the uppercase SKU on WooCommerce.
  • When linking the product with variants between Vend and WooCommerce, please make sure the SKU in the inventory tab on WooCommerce should be blank. Only the variations should have a SKU.
  • Order and Type should not be used as an attribute name for the variant products as this is a system reserved name and the products will fail to sync.

Additional Information

In Vend, SKUs can only have letters, numbers and ".", "-", "_" and "/" characters. Please make sure you are using the same parameters on WooCommerce too.