How to change the parent variant through a CSV

Latest update: - Agata


Making one of the child variants the new parent product of a Variant Product family.


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Go to Products
  2. Filter the product you want to edit
  3. Click Export List
  4. Open the exported CSV file
  5. Remove all columns apart from id, handle, sku, name, supply_price,retail_price, and variant_option columns
  6. Add two new columns named has_variants and variant_parent_id
  7. Enter TRUE for has_variants for the new parent variant
  8. Enter FALSE for has_variants for all the child variants
  9. Copy the id of the new parent variant and paste it in the variant_parent_id column for all child variants
  10. Leave the variant_parent_id column empty for the new parent variantScreenshot_2018-11-28_at_14.38.25.png
  11. Save the file
  12. Go back to Products
  13. Click Import
  14. Import the CSV file
  15. Go to Vend Backend
  16. Click Product List
  17. Search for the product in question
  18. The new parent variant will show as nested
  19. Click on the parent variant link to edit it
  20. Delete the id from the variant_parent_id field
  21. Click Save

Additional Information

This method can also be used for separating Variants into different Variant Product families. The exact steps of how to do it can be found here