How to return a PayPal sale when multiple cards are used on the original sale

Latest update: - Shane Connaughton


  • Vend on iPad
  • PayPal Here integration
  • PayPal Here app


  1. Retrieve original sale in Sales History
  2. Tap Return Items
  3. Delete products that should not be returned
  4. Tap Refund
  5. Open the PayPal Here app upon observing the error, "To refund more than one PayPal transaction please log in to the PayPal portal"
  6. Complete the refund in the PayPal Here app
  7. Open up Vend again and tap the back arrow
  8. Tap the arrow in the right corner of the screen and tap Park Sale
  9. From the main menu, navigate to Dashboard
  10. Tap Sales Ledger
  11. Find the sale and tap it to expand it
  12. Tap Apply payment/refund
  13. Select PayPal Here as the payment type
  14. Select the date and time of when the payment was made
  15. Click Save

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Refunding or Returning a PayPal sale