Error when entering activation code to pair WorldPay TriPOS terminal


Entering the Activation Code from the terminal screen returns the error "There was an error pairing your terminal. Please try again". 


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • WorldPay TriPOS payment terminal 


  • WorldPay TriPOS credentials have not been entered in the correct order
  • Date and time not set correctly on the payment terminal
  • The terminal is set to a test environment


WorldPay TriPOS credentials have not been entered in the correct order

  1. Ensure the Acceptor ID is entered in first. This is normally 13 digits long
  2. Ensure the Account ID is entered in next. This is normally 7 digits long
  3. Ensure the Account Token is entered in last. This will be a long string of digits, normally 72 in total

Date and time not set correctly on the payment terminal.

For Ingenico terminals:

1. Reboot the terminal

2. When the RBA information screen appears, type 2 6 3 4 ENTER

3. Press F or + to get the Menu

4. Press F for Menu

5. Press 0 for Telium Manager

6. Press 3 for Initialization

7. Press 1 for Parameters

8. Select Date and Time and press Enter

9. Select Set Date and press Enter

10. Restart terminal application by holding down the yellow Clear key and the minus key on the keypad

For Verifone terminals:

1. Press 1+5+9 (all at the same time) and wait for the system mode password prompt

2. The password is 1 6 6 8 3 2

3. Press the Administration tab

4. Press the Date/Time tab

5. Adjust Date/Time to current local time, and press Apply

6. Press Home tab and then press Reboot

The terminal is set to a test environment 

1. Power the device off and on and watch for the “Retail Base” screen to appear, about 10-15 seconds after boot-up begins.

2. Repeatedly press the F2 key to scroll down- continue doing so, it will pause halfway down the screen for a moment.

3. Watch for the URL to appear at the bottom of the page. Look out and see if the URL shows "", or if it shows "".

4. This screen does not stay up for long, it might help to use a cell phone camera to capture the information.

The correct URL for a live environment should be


If it says then this is incorrect and it will need to be shipped back to Worldpay. Call Worldpay at this point to arrange this:






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