Can I bulk upload images to my products


I want to upload images to my products in bulk, is this possible?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


No, retailers cannot upload images to products in bulk. Images must be uploaded to products individually.

However, for retailers on Pro, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise plans, the Retail Support team can do this on a retailers behalf.

Please complete the image upload template here using the information in "additional information" below, and once, completed, submit a ticket to Retail Support with the file attached. 

Additional Information

  • Variant level image upload is not supported. Images can only be uploaded to the parent variant of a product, which can then be assigned to child variants through the Edit Product page. In order to find the parent variant of the product, please refer to this article
  • For multiple image uploads against one parent product, use the same Parent SKU + Handle combination, followed by unique URLs for each individual image. For example:
    • Parent SKU+Handle+Image URL-1
    • Parent SKU+Handle+Image URL-2
    • Parent SKU+Handle+Image URL-3


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