How to switch Smartpay terminal to Standalone mode

Latest update: - Kamy Mam


To make an Non-Integrated manual payment on your Smartpay terminal.


  •  Vend for Mac and PC
  •  Vend for iPad


S800 Terminal

  1. Press the red cancel button
  2. Select 1. PAYMARK EFTPOS.

Once this is done, you will be able to process sales manually in Vend and on your Smartpay terminal.

To switch back to integrated mode,

  1. Press the red cancel button
  2. Select 2. SLLITE.

Your payments should now automatically carry across from Vend.

D210 Terminal

  1. Press Menu key (yellow backwards arrow on the top right of the terminal)
  2. Enter the terminal menu key password (746723)
  3. Use F1 and F2 keys to move up and down through the menu
  4. Select Configuration Menu
  5. Press Enter 
  6. Enter Administrator access code (833767)
  7. Press Enter
  8. Select Terminal setup
  9. Select SMARTLINK.

Once you've selected this, it will tell you if Smartlink is currently enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, the terminal will now be in manual mode. If it is enabled you can use the "clear" button to switch to disabled, and visa versa. Once you are happy with your choice, press the enter key. Finally, press the red cancel cross to go back to the main terminal screen.