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How to export customers without the 1000 customer limit


Create a customer CSV export without the 1000 customer limit


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC


  1. Click Customers
  2. Click Export List
  3. Right-click Page 1 and select Copy Link Address
  4. Open a new tab in Google Chrome
  5. Right-click and select Paste, change the number '1000' to a greater number, e.g '10000'
  6. Press enter and a CSV will be downloaded

Additional Information

Note that there is a limit to the number of customers you can export doing this depending on the amount of data each customer has. If you export too many customers at once, the page can timeout.

Limit of 15,000 export has been successful. 30,000 limit causes the page to timeout.

It is possible to download customers in multiple batches by changing 'page=1' to 'page=2' for the second batch, 'page=2' for the second batch and so on.

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