WooCommerce API couldn't be found at the supplied location

Latest update: - Sumeet Singh


Vend couldn't find the WooCommerce API at the supplied location. 


  • Vend for PC or Mac
  • WooCommerce Integration



This issue might occur if you have a security and firewall plugin on WooCommerce blocking the traffic. Vend is hosted on AWS servers and our IP addresses are changing daily/weekly. Also, each endpoint has a different IP address and will change in time. The other causes are IP addresses blocking from the AWS servers and POST request blocking to WooCommerce account.


We recommend to not filter API calls within the Plugin settings. Alternatively, you can whitelist all IP addresses coming from AWS.

Additional Information

  • If you have a GoDaddy, Cloudflare etc. website firewall, you should whitelist the IP address from Amazon AWS.
  • It is best to get in touch with a developer or the web hosting company to help you with this issue.
  • AWS IP Addresses
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