How to add a new register

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Add a new register to an outlet


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Outlets and Registers
  3. Add a Register
  4. Fill out all register information fields
  5. A prompt will appear to advise you of any billing changes before you add the register

Additional Information

Adding a New Register 

Receipt information

Register name - The name of your new register

Cash management enabled - Enable or disable cash management

Receipt template - Your new registers default receipt template

Number - Where you would like your receipt numbers to start their sequence from

Prefix - This is to identify sales made from this register

Suffix - This is to identify sales made from this register

End of sale information

Select user for next sale - You can be prompted after each sale to select the next user

Email receipt  - Email receipts at end of sale

Print Receipt - Print receipts at end of sale

Ask for a note - Asks for a note at end of sale

Print note on receipt - If you would like notes printed on the receipt

Show discounts on receipt - If any discounts are made, they will be shown on the receipt if enabled


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