Troubleshooting your Vend-WooCommerce Integration

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When setting up your Vend-WooCommerce integration, in some cases, you may encounter error messages causing you to be unable to set your integration up. The following article lists all the errors you may encounter and talk you through how you may be able to solve these errors, allowing you to get your WooCommerce store up and running. 

Product or Variant Product SKU Duplicate

If you see the error message below, this is because you have two products in Vend that have the same SKU. SKUs should be unique, and WooCommerce enforces that. To sync the product to WooCommerce, you will need to update one of your products in Vend with a unique SKU. For more information, check out this article.

WooCommerce API couldn't be found at the supplied location


If you see the error message above, this is because you may have a firewall plugin on WooCommerce blocking the traffic. For more information, check out this article.

WooCommerce batch manipulate error

If you see this error message, Sorry you are not allowed to batch manipulate this resource, this is because the user who created the API keys does not have Admin privileges. For more information on how to solve this, click here.

WooCommerce API Key does not have edit permissions

If you see this error message, WooCommerce API Key does not have edit permissions; this is because the permissions associated with the API key have not been set up correctly. For more information on how to set the correct edit permission, click here.

Unable to publish images on a product to WooCommerce

If you see the error message above and were unable to publish a product with images attached from your Vend store to WooCommerce, this could be due to the following reasons:

1. There was a timeout when uploading the product image. 

2. The hostname resolution failed while trying to upload the product image. 

These two errors could be temporary, but if after 5 minutes the issue persists, we recommend that you contact your WooCommerce host provider to resolve this, as it is likely that there may be an issue with their network.

For further assistance on how to set up your Vend-WooCommerce Integration, check out all of our Help Centre Articles.

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