How to delete products in bulk

Latest update: - Jordan Smith


Deleting multiple products in bulk.

To delete a large number of products at once we need to set the products to inactive through a CSV file export/import and then delete all inactive products.


  • Vend for Mac or PC 


Exporting your product list

  1. Click Products
  2. Click Export List
  3. Download exported CSV file

Setting the products to inactive

  1. Open the CSV file
  2. Scroll across to the Active column header in the CSV file you exported
  3. Change the '1' to a '0' for each product you are deleting
  4. Save the CSV file
  5. In Vend, Click Products
  6. Click Import
  7. Import your CSV file by drag and dropping or by searching for the file location

Deleting the inactive products

  1. Click Products
  2. Click Inactive
  3. At the top right, Click Delete all inactive products