Duplicate SKU error when publishing products to WooCommerce

Latest update: - Sumeet Singh


Products failing to publish to WooCommerce due to duplicate SKUs.

Error message

Unable to publish this product to WooCommerce because the SKU 111 is already used by a product in WooCommerce that is syncing with the SKU 222 in Vend. You will need to change the SKU of this product in Vend or change the SKU of the product in WooCommerce to something different to be able to publish the product.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • WooCommerce Integration 


  1. A Vend variant has a SKU that's used on a standard product in WooCommerce.
  2. A Vend variants SKU are used on multiple variant products in WooCommerce (i.e. SKU A & B are on different variants in WooCommerce, but the same variant in Vend)


Change the SKU of the product in Vend or the product in WooCommerce to something different to be able to publish this product.