Import products into a Stock Return from a CSV file

Latest update: - Sakshi Wadhwa


How to create a stock return for a large number of products using a CSV file


  • Vend for Mac and PC 


1. Create a CSV file with 4 column headers:

  • Handle [Optional field] - the product handle (must match an existing product in Vend)
  • SKU [Mandatory field]  - the product SKU (must match an existing product in Vend)
  • Supply_price [Optional field] - the per-item supply price
  • Quantity [Mandatory field]  - the amount you're transferring for each item.

2. Create a Stock Return

  1. Click Products
  2. Click Stock Control
  3. Click Return Stock

3. Choose the outlet you want to return stock from

4. Click Choose file to select your saved CSV file

5. Click Save

6. Refresh the page to see the products that you imported

7. Click Send


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