How to transition from your existing Ecommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) to WooCommerce?


For retailers with an existing online store who want to move over to WooCommerce. Continue selling through your existing eCommerce platform until you have fully tested the WooCommerce Integration.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Shopify Integration


1. Before transitioning from Shopify to WooCommerce. Vend recommends connecting your WooCommerce store to a staging environment.

Important: Creating a staging environment enables you to test the new integration and cause the least disruption to your store and your customers. 

2. Link your WooCommerce staging store to your Vend Account. 

3. Test this integration by making sure that your products are synchronised and orders are coming through as normal.

4. If everything works well, you can unlink your existing eCommerce store from Vend.

5. You can now redirect the custom domain to your WooCommerce account.

Additional Information

For expert advice on how to redirect the custom domain, we recommend getting in touch with your web hosting provider.

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