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If you've received an email from us informing you that your card has been declined, your account has now entered a period we call 'dunning' which is 21 days long. During the dunning period, your payment will be tried a total of 5 times over 21 days (Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21) and if it still fails on the 5th attempt the account will be cancelled.

If your account is not reactivated successfully within 180 days after cancellation, your account and all its data will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to access any records for legal, accounting or tax purposes after this time. If you choose to reactivate your cancelled account before the account is deleted, you’ll have to reactivate on one of our latest pricing plans.

If your payment has failed, you can quickly get back to selling and avoid getting locked out of your account, by navigating to Setup -> Billing -> Update Your Billing Details and enter a new credit card.

Alternatively, you can try these steps to have your card successfully charged:

  • Confirm and update your card details in Vend under Setup -> Billing.
  • Ensure the active card is not expired.
  • Check the card number to ensure it's not an old or cancelled card and that it has been entered correctly.
  • Check with your bank to see if your credit card is authorised for an International transaction (specifically for VENDHQ.COM.) If you are located outside of New Zealand.
  • Ensure online transactions are authorised for the credit card.
  • Check that the card is a credit card and not a debit card. Vend accepts credit card specifically, while some debit cards may work, most will not be accepted by our payment gateway.
  • Ensure there are sufficient funds on the card to make payment.

Vend will automatically try to retake your payment when you update your card details.

Additional Information

Please note you will not be able to change your Vend subscription, delete registers or delete outlets until your payment has been successful. If your payment continues to fail or you need to change your Vend subscription, sign in here and click Contact Us to get in touch with Vend Support.

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