How to remove payment from a sale

Latest update: - Lucia Palozzi


Remove a payment from a sale that was applied in error.


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Click Sales Ledger 
  2. Search for the sale with the incorrect payment
  3. Click on the sale to expand it
  4. Click Apply payment/refund
  5. Select the payment type from the 'Payment type' drop-down
  6. Enter the amount that needs to be removed as a negative amount
  7. Select the register from the 'Register' drop-down
  8. Select the payment date in the 'Payment date' field
  9. Select the payment time from the 'Payment time' drop down
  10. Click Save

Additional Information

  • If the total payment left on the sale after the above is less than the total, the sale will be in a Parked state
  • Removing a payment in the sales ledger does not return any funds to the customer. To return funds to a customer, process a refund on the sell screen using these steps
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