WooCommerce FAQs

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Note: The WooCommerce integration is currently in Beta and will be available to retailers on our latest Pro and Enterprise plans. For more information click here.

The article below includes frequently asked questions in relation to the Vend - WooCommerce integration.

This article includes

A few things to keep in mind

  • Before connecting your WooCommerce store to Vend, we recommend connecting your store to a test environment. Creating a test environment enables you to test the new integration thoroughly before integrating your live store and will cause the least disruption to your store and your customers.

  • Work with a Developer: WooCommerce runs differently depending on which server you host it on, and how you set it up. Engaging with a developer will help you get properly set up.
  • Allocate enough time: We recommend setting aside time to set up and test your site before going live to your customers. The timing can vary depending on how your WooCommerce store has been set up.
  • We also recommend that you read our Help Article - Things to check before integrating WooCommerce with Vend. This will ensure that you have everything prepared before setting up the integration.

Before you begin

  • We recommend setting up a new register in Vend in the outlet you want to link to WooCommerce. This is because sales made in WooCommerce after you close your store’s register for the day will re-open the register. Setting up a separate register ensures all your reporting is clear.

  • Make sure you have set up all the products you need before activating the integration. When you first turn it on, you'll have an option to push all your products to WooCommerce. After this point, you'll need to publish them one-by-one.

  • Once the two stores are linked, you must manage all of your products in Vend.

Differing Terminology between Vend and WooCommerce

  • Handles in Vend = Slugs in WooCommerce. When products are pushed from Vend to WooCommerce, the handle will show on the Permalink (which can be edited). Any updates to Handles/Slugs on either Vend or Woo will not update.

Images in WooCommerce

When publishing your product to Vend, we will also publish ALL the images you have in Vend to WooCommerce, except for variant images.

Add an image: If you decided to add new images to a product at a later stage, these images will not sync to WooCommerce.

Delete an image: If you decide to delete an image in Vend, it will not delete the image from WooCommerce.

Add images to variant products When publishing a product to WooCommerce, all synced images will be linked to the parent product. If you would like to add images to your variant products, we would suggest adding them directly in WooCommerce. Vend will not overwrite these images.

Images from WooCommerce We do pull images from WooCommerce into Vend when linking the existing products from WooCommerce. If the products don't exist in Vend and you import the products, we will pull the images too. Any additional sync will not work.

Negative Inventory

Vend allows for negative inventory sales. WooCommerce gives you the option to choose whether to Allow Backorders. Currently, when products are pushed from Vend to WooCommerce, the default setting for the products will be to Allow negative inventory sales in WooCommerce.

When negative inventory sales are made in WooCommerce, the products will go into negative in Vend. The same applies to negative inventory sales made in Vend and when they update in WooCommerce.

Note: A limitation currently exists when importing products with negative inventory from WooCommerce to Vend. The products will be displayed as having 0 inventory in Vend. To update your inventory in Vend, you will need to conduct an inventory count to update the product to its correct value.

Brand or Supplier not displaying in WooCommerce?

These two product fields from Vend will not sync to Woo.

How do I process a manual refund that originated from WooCommerce.

1. Head to WooCommerce and on the Edit Order page, click Refund.

2. If the payment made was a Bank transfer, click Refund Manually”.

3. A warning will come up confirming you want to refund manually. Click Ok.

4. After processing a refund on WooCommerce go to the Sales History in Vend, look for the matching WooCommerce sale and click return.

5. On the Vend Sell Screen, process the refund as normal and close it off with the WooCommerce payment type.

How do I process a partial refund of WooCommerce sales in Vend

Important: No information will flow from WooCommerce to Vend when you process a refund on WooCommerce.

Here's the procedure on how to handle the WooCommerce refunds to record it in Vend correctly.

1. After processing a refund on WooCommerce go to the Sales History in Vend, look for the matching WooCommerce sale and click return.

2. On the Vend Sell Screen, remove all the products from the sale list except the one you wish to return.

3. Process the return as normal and close it off with the WooCommerce payment type.

How do I run a promotion on WooCommerce

You may not run promotions on WooCommerce as promotions will not sync between Vend and WooCommerce.

What is a custom permalink under WordPress?

When on your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings -> Permalinks. Here you will be able to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. However, please make sure that Plain has not been selected as this will not work for your store.

Can I issue Gift Cards with WooCommerce?

No, gift cards will not sync between WooCommerce and Vend.


Customers who make their first purchase through your WooCommerce store will receive a welcome email for your loyalty program. However, no sales that sync over from that first purchase on WooCommerce will accrue Loyalty in Vend.

Loyalty cannot be redeemed via WooCommerce but only in-store.

Setting Tax

When your Vend store is set to tax inclusive, the retail price synced to WooCommerce will be inclusive of GST.

  • When you select Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of Tax it will take the retail price of the product and deduce the GST set in the settings.

  • When you select No, I will enter prices exclusive of Tax, it will add the tax on top of the retail price we sync.

Multiple Tax from WooCommerce to Vend

Retailers need to set up their taxes in WooCommerce as required. The taxes from WooCommerce will flow to Vend, and Vend does not add any tax on top of the purchase. No tax information flows from Vend to WooCommerce.

I ordered stock into one of my outlets, but it isn't showing in my WooCommerce store?

Your WooCommerce store only shows inventory for the outlets it is connected to. Check that your stock order is connected to the correct outlet.

  • If it isn't, you will need to transfer the inventory into a WooCommerce-linked outlet.
  • If it is, it can sometimes take a few hours for our update request to WooCommerce to process. If it still hasn't updated after an hour, contact our Support team

Are there WooCommerce plugins that are not supported by Vend?

Vend doesn't support any WooCommerce plugins including:

There are also security and firewall plugins from WordPress and WooCommerce that may conflict with how the Vend-WooCommerce integration is set up. For more information, check out this article.

My store is sold out online, but my outlets still display that I have inventory?

Check that the inventory is in your WooCommerce-linked outlets. If it isn't, transfer the inventory to one of those outlets.

Will all my customer information be synchronised between Vend and WooCommerce?

When orders are made in WooCommerce by existing customers, their email address will be linked to their details in Vend and their purchase history, will be updated in Vend. Orders from first-time shoppers will create a new customer record in Vend.

What happens if I void a sale in Vend?

If a sale is voided in Vend, this will not update to WooCommerce. Cancelled orders in WooCommerce will update Vend, but not the other way around.

Negative Prices

WooCommerce doesn't accept negative prices on Products.

What if I take a payment for a WooCommerce sale in-store?

Integrated payments in-store will not flow through to WooCommerce. You will have to close the sale in WooCommerce manually after processing the sale in Vend.

I have an order pending offline payment in WooCommerce, how will the sale appear in Vend?

For all Offline Payment methods, the payment type will not be attached to the sale in Vend. However, a note will be attached to the sale stating that the sale was processed using an Offline Payment method such as a Direct Bank Transfer.

Once you have received payment - you will have to manually change the status of the sale in WooCommerce and Vend.

Deleting product

Deleted product in WooCommerce will be in the trash. If the product is restored in WooCommerce, we will continue the update. If the product is permanently deleted in WooCommerce (and still published in Vend), we will recreate it.