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An invalid Consumer Key and/or the Authentication Header would cause you to receive the error below and cause you issues establishing the connection between Vend and WooCommerce.



There are three scenarios where you may come across the above error message:

  1. If you have entered the wrong Consumer Key. Check whether the Consumer Key you have entered is correct.
  2. If your Consumer Key does not have read/write permissions. To check this head to Advanced -> REST API on WooCommerce and check your permissions.
  3. If your website (and WooCommerce) does not allow connections with Authentication Headers in the Vend API. You will need to check with the person who built your website and ask them to allow the Vend API to be used with Authentication Headers.

Additional Information

Occasionally some servers may not resolve the Authorization header correctly. If you see a "Consumer key is invalid/missing" error when authenticating over SSL, this means you have an issue with your server.

It is best to get in touch with a developer or the web hosting company to help you with this issue.

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