How to delete an attribute without deleting the variants

Latest update: - Mik Balon


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


  1. Click Product in the side navigation bar
  2. Search the product
  3. Click Export List
  4. Open the exported CSV file
  5. Scroll to the variant attribute/value columns you wish to remove 
  6. Under the attribute column replace the attributes with null
  7. Under the values column replace the values with null
  8. Save the file
  9. Click Product in the side navigation bar
  10. Click Import 
  11. Select the CSV file
  12. Click Continue with Import

Additional Information

  • We suggest removing the inventory columns from the CSV file to avoid any unintentional changes to your stock levels
  • The import may show an error after you select your file; correct the error on your CSV file to proceed
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