Why does the Customer Count change depending on how I filter my Sales Report?


Why does the hourly Sales Report for a specific day show a different Customer Count total than the daily Sales Report?


  • Vend for Mac or PC


The Customer Count total in the daily Sales Report adds up all individual customers that have made sales during the specified day. The hourly Sales Report breaks down the Customer Count figure to show how many individual customers have made a sale in the specified hour. If the same customer makes three sales on the same day but all at different hours, they will be counted once towards the daily Sales Report's Customer Count, but three times towards the overall total for the hourly Customer Count.

Additional Information

Vend assigns a generic customer profile called WALKIN to all transactions where the actual customer was not specified. Capturing customer information for all customers should help to avoid discrepancies between the two reports as each customer would be listed as an individual customer.