How to reverse an Inventory Count


If you have inadvertently completed the inventory count without counting all the products this would change the inventory levels for all the uncounted products to 0. It is not possible to reverse an inventory count once it's completed. To correct this we can export the list of products from the completed inventory count and use that to create a CSV file for importing a stock order.


  • Retail POS for Mac and PC 



The Retail POS order stock function can only contain up to 200 SKUs per order. If the full or partial inventory count that you are attempting to correct contains more than 200 SKUs, you will need to separate these into separate CSV files and follow the steps below for each file.

If a CSV file containing more than 200 SKUs is uploaded to a stock order, only the first 200 SKUs will be recognized and the remaining SKUs will be ignored, potentially causing further issues.

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory counts
  2. Click on the Completed tab
  3. Click on the inventory count that needs to be corrected
  4. Click on Generate inventory report
  5. Click on Download CSV report
  6. This downloaded CSV file has the Handle, SKU and Expected Stock field for the products that can be used to create a CSV file for processing Stock Order
  7. Remove the columns of the headers - Products, Supplier Code, Quantity, Difference, Difference Cost, Inventory Value and Status from the CSV file downloaded in Step 7
  8. Rename Expected Stock to Quantity
  9. Save this CSV file
  10. Import Products Into an Order from a CSV File
  11. How to Order Stock (Purchase Order)
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