iPad cannot find Bluetooth hardware


iPad cannot detect Bluetooth hardware.


  • Vend on iPad
  • Bluetooth devices listed here


Bluetooth network settings need to be reset. An issue with the hardware itself. 


Pair the device 

  1. Tap iPad Settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Enable Bluetooth
  4. Look for the device name under My Devices
  5. Tap the blue 'i' beside the device name
  6. Tap Forget this Device
  7. Disable/Enable Bluetooth to search for the device again
  8. Look for the device under Other Devices
  9. Tap the device name to connect
  10. If this results in this error: 'Connection Unsucessful Make sure [device name] is turned on and in range' tap OK and continue to 'Reset network settings'

Reset network settings

  1. Make sure you know your Wi-Fi password
  2. Tap General under the iPad settings 
  3. Tap Reset 
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings 
  5. Repeat pairing steps
  6. If the iPad still cannot find the device, continue to 'Reset Bluetooth device'

Reset Bluetooth Device

  1. Press the reset button on the device if applicable
  2. Repeat pairing steps

Additional Information

  • Reach out to the manufacturer of your device for further support
  • Connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi after you reset network settings
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