Micro Receipts for Star Printers

Star Micronics has released an app that offers Micro Receipts for retailers that own Star Printers. The AllReceipts digital receipt app allows retailers to scan a QR code provided on the receipt to capture and store a digital copy of the receipt on their mobile device. For more information on Micro Receipts, check out this website by Star Micronics.

To enable the App on your Vend Pos App, follow the steps below:


1. Open the Vend POS app

2. Navigate to Menu -> Settings

3. Select Hardware

4. Click on Add a printer

5. Add your printer details like name, printer model and IP address as usual.

6. Under STAR CLOUD SERVICES select Enable star cloud services on this printer

7. Login with your Star Cloud username and password

8. Select OK to confirm the register on your device

9. Select OK to complete registration

10. Enable Micro Receipt to show the Micro Receipt button at the end of the sale

11. Save your printer

12. You will now be able to print a micro receipt after a sale is made.