How to remove a sale or refund stuck on the Sell Screen

Lucia Palozzi


The products from the previous sale are showing on the Sell Screen.

When the products are deleted from the sale, a negative balance is showing in the Pay button on the Sell Screen with no items in the sale.


  • Vend on iPad
  • Vend for Mac or PC


An error occurred at the time of payment and the sale is sent back to the Sell Screen. Common errors that cause this issue are related to your wifi network connection.

As payment is applied, if you were then to remove the products, a balance will be left remaining until the original products are added back to the sale.


  1. Add item(s) from the previous sale to the sell screen (if they have been deleted)
  2. The balance owed is now 0.00
  3. Tap Pay 
  4. Tap Cash

Additional Information

If the sale is not valid and doesn't need to be accounted for in reporting or Sales Ledger, you can void it - Voiding Sales Using the Vend Sales Ledger.

You may also want to confirm with your payment terminal that the payment/refund went through.