How to add images to customer profiles via CSV

Latest update: - Jack Harrison-Sherlock


Upload images to customer profiles note section via CSV


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Excel/Open Office


  1. Export Customers Customers > Export List
  2. Add your image URLs in column [AH] Note
  3. Insert a column to the right of note [AH], the new column will be [AI] name the column header 'note' and insert the below formula in [AI2]

    Open Office

    =CONCATENATE("<p><img src="";AH2;"" width="158" height="100" caption="false" /></p>")


    =CONCATENATE("<p><img src="",AH2,"" width="158" height="100" caption="false" /></p>")
  4. Drag the formula down to encompass all your customers
  5. Highlight column [AI] and copy
  6. Highlight column [AH] and Paste special > Text
  7. This will copy the full string from [AI] into [AH] while keeping the URL intact
  8. Delete column [AI]
  9. Upload CSV into Vend Import Customers



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