Shopify Error: There was a problem with publishing to Shopify - Unprocessable Entity


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Shopify Integration


  • Duplicate Variant Values 
  • Duplicate Variant Attributes
  • 100 Variant Limit


Duplicate Variant Values - Each variant value must be unique, it's not possible to publish products which share the same value across multiple variants. Please delete any duplications.



Duplicate Variant Attributes - If your variant attributes are duplicates, for example: 'Colour, Colour' this will return the error. Export your products out into a CSV and change one of the variant attributes so they are unique.​​

Variant Limit - Shopify enforces a variant limit of 100. If you are trying to publish a product with 100+ variants it will return this error. Delete and recreate the extra variant products under a new variant family.