Why do I have duplicate invoice numbers?


Why are some of my invoice numbers duplicated?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend for iPad


When you open a register on your computer, it will request the next invoice number from our servers and put this aside. When a sale is completed, the computer will use this reserved invoice number.

This is where receipt numbers can be duplicated when a sale is not completed on this machine and the same register is opened on a different computer.

The second computer will also request the next invoice number from our servers and receive the same invoice number as the first computer if it is not used in a sale.

If you then complete the sale on the second computer and go back to the first machine at any time in the future, it will have saved this now duplicated invoice number.

It is recommended to use one device per register.

Additional Information

  • Use one register per computer and not the same register for multiple computers. If you need to have more than one point of sale at any time, add a new register and use this register on a dedicated machine.
  • Make sure to reload the Sell Screen (or close and re-open your browser) whenever you switch between two different computers connected to the same Vend Register. This will make sure the Sell Screen has the most recent invoice number from the server.

How to fix duplicate invoice numbers

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