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Voiding On Account sales

On Account sales cannot be edited or deleted. If you need to make changes to an On Account sale, the original sale must be voided, and a new transaction can be created with the necessary edits. For instructions, refer to our Voiding sales using the sales history article. On Account sales are locked and must be voided through the sales history.

Returning items

Voiding an On Account sale will cancel any payments that the customer has made toward the sale and return the inventory to Retail POS. 

Xero customers: For processing returns with the Xero integration, refer to our article Returns and exchanges for Xero customers

Refunding payments

Voiding an On Account sale in Retail POS does not automatically refund any payments that the customer made toward the sale. All refunds must be processed manually through the payment provider. For more information on refunding, refer to our Refunding article. 

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