How to change the user assigned to a sale

Latest update: - Jordan Smith


Change the user assigned to a sale if processed under an incorrect user. 

Void the original sale then recreate it under the correct user.


  • Vend on PC or Mac


Voiding the original sale:

  1. Click Sales Ledger
  2. Search/Click the sale
  3. Click Void

Recreating the sale under the correct user:

  1. Sign into the correct user account
  2. Replicate the sale in the sell-screen
  3. If you originally took cash, click Pay then Cash
  4. If you took a different payment type, Park the sale
  5. Click Sales ledger
  6. Search/Click the sale
  7. Click Apply payment/refund
  8. Click the correct payment type
  9. Type the correct payment amount


Additional Information

  • A recreated sale will be recorded under the current register closure. This is the case even when they are backdated
  • If you backdate the manually applied payment, it will show the correct date in your Reporting