Can I block certain customers from being able to make account sales?


Can I restrict or add a limit to certain customers' accounts to block them from making further on account sales?


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


The ability to block customers from using on account sales, or to place a dollar value restriction on these sales is currently not a feature available in Vend.

This would need to be managed manually by the staff members in your store, using the following:

  • Create a customer group for customers who are currently restricted from processing on account sales in your store. The group name shows next to the customer when they're added to a sale
  • Add a note to the customer's profile (this will need to be manually checked by staff when the customer is added to a sale)
  • Edit the customer's name to include details to inform staff of the restriction (do not use if you have integrated with Xero)

Additional Information

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