How to deal with product wastage?


 Remove stock from the system that has been damaged or is wastage.


  •  Vend on PC or Mac


Create a "wastage" customer.

  1. Go to the Customers section of Vend
  2. Select "Add Customer"
  3. Name the customer "Wastage" or something similar
  4. Select "Save Customer"

Process the stock removal

  • Go to the Sell Screen
  • Add the "Wastage" customer to the sale
  • Add the stock that you would like to remove from the system
  • Change the price of each product to 0.00
  • Process payment for 0.00

Additional Information

This method will ensure that the stock is removed from the system with no effect on your revenue.

You can also access a sales report and filter by the "Wastage" customer. This will then allow you to see how much stock has been sent as wastage.


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