How to change the average cost of a product


You can reset a products' average cost to match its supply price. This will fix your cost of goods (COGS) going forward, but will not retroactively fix previous reports.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Open Office/Excel


  1. Products > Export List
  2. Save two copies of each file; one as a backup, and one to work with later
  3. In one file, filter out the product you wish to fix the average cost for
  4. Navigate to Products > Stock Control > Inventory Count
  5. Click on Add Inventory Count
  6. Give the count a name and choose an outlet
  7. Click on Partial Count
  8. Scroll down to 'Filter Products' and add the products you need to fix the average cost for
  9. Click Start Count 
  10. Refresh the page until the total number of products in the count match the amount of products you are wanting to reset.
  11. Do not count any products, click Review
  12. Click Complete. This will revert your inventory to 0 for the selected products.
  13. Click Submit

Create a stock order CSV file using one of the exported files you saved earlier.

  1. Open the second CSV file you saved earlier.
  2. Delete all columns except 'sku', 'handle', 'supply price', and 'inventory_outletname' 
  3. Rename 'inventory_outletname' to 'quantity'
  4. Check that the supply price for the products are correct
  5. Save the file

Order and receive the inventory you had back into Vend using the above stock order.

Important: When completing a stock order, the maximum number of products you can have in the stock order is 499. If your list of products exceeds this limit you would need to create separate stock orders 

  1. Products > Stock Control > Purchase Orders
  2. Name the order 'fixing average cost'
  3. For the field Order from select Any
  4. For the field Auto fill select Don't auto-fill
  5. Click Choose File and select the stock order CSV file
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Send
  8. In the pop-up window enter your email address and click Send
  9. Click Receive
  10. Mark All Received
  11. Wait for this to update the Stock Order
  12. Click Save and Receive

The inventory for your products will be added back into your store and the average cost will be reset to the supply price of the product.

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